Thursday, January 5, 2012

Updating my events

Hello guys, sorry that it's been a while that i don't update my blog. I know some of you guys have been faithful in terms of following my blogs, so i just want to say sorry. Anyways, I finished my last semester in PIU in December and now i'm just waiting for my graduation. Hurrayy... But i do miss studying. Even though the school hasn't start yet, i already want to get into studies. :)

Meanwhile, I am on vacation, relaxing my mind for a month and then get to some real works. Big meeting next month, and after that, I will get busy. I will be doing some mission training and get the team ready for mission trip this coming summer. I have n0t prepared anything, so i am doing some prepreparation works while im on break. So by the finishing of that big meeting next month, i am prepared and ready to train. Also, I will be targeting some people that might be good for the mission team, so by next month, i know whom i will be calling.

There are a lot of blessings happening around. One of my fellow brother in Christ just flew early this morning to Cona for DTS training. Another potential DTS recruit who might be flying on September to DTS in Bali. I'm so excited to witness these little works happening. Though there are so many blessing that I witness while in Palau, it don't mean that I am free from spiritual battles and other challenges in our Christian lives. There are so many things that I encounter every day that sometimes discourage me, challenge me, makes me mad, makes me sad, makes me wanna say something, makes me just want to keep my mouths hot, etc. but i will not put the details in here. God knows my cries and desires in my spiritual walk with him. If you feel like to pray for me, that would be a blessing.

My email is so if you are serious about praying for me and want to know more details about my challenges, email me on that address and I'll give you more details. Other than that, I praise the Lord that the enemy recognize that I'm at work on the side of God that's why he want to distruct me from being faithful to the Truth. My encouragement, DO NOT CEASE TO PREACH THE GOSPEL AND DO NOT LET LITTLE THING STOP YOU FROM BLESSING OTHERS OR FULFILLING WHAT YOU REALLY DESIRE. Praises and Glory to God alone.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Passion of Photography

In my early life, i did not really think about becoming a photographer, until one day. When i bought my first camera, Canon G7 PowerShot, I did not know much about it and i did not know the quality of it. I used it to take pictures like how i used other people's camera. Since i did not know much about camera, i just used Auto and it made it easy for me. This means that the flash was activated. One particular day, one good friend of mine who is a professional photographer taught me some tricks of using this camera that i labeled it as simple camera. With those little skills that he taught me, they were the strong foundation of my photography passion. I have been shooting for over a year without photography training, except using these little skills that this friend of mine taught me. I use only one lens to shoot and my work has expanded to the point where sometimes i look at my own work wonder how i did it. I have the eye, I have the art, i have the creativity, but I'm still lacking skills, and i am short of equipments. With this, i have learned to appreciate what i have and have learned how to take a close shots without scarying the butterfly or any insects that a lot of people usually use bigger zooming lens to take. Knowing that it's gonna take a while for me to invest my lenses, i have stretched my skills to the point that i am satisfied and appreciate about, because they don't exist in other photographers. I have learned that JUMPING SPIDERS are attractive to lenses. I have learned that bees can touch you without stinging you if you don't bother them. I have learned that you can get close to the nest of the bee with your lens 1/2 of an inch away from the nest and they don't sting you, unless they sense you as a threat. I have learned that the reality (Nature) is the most beautiful thing you'll ever encounter if you learn to appreciate it. These i know because of my PASSION OF PHOTOGRAPHY. MY PASSION BEGINS WHEN I CLOSE MY LEFT EYE AND BEND MY ELBOWS, FOCUS STEADILY, AND SEE GOD DISPLAYING HIS GLORY THROUGH THAT LITTLE WINDOW OF MY CAMERA. THE BLESSINGS IS POURED AFTER MY RIGHT POINT FINGER SQUEEZE THE SHUTTER TRIGGER AND CAPTURE THAT GLORY THAT IS DISPLAYED IN FRONT OF MY LENS. I AM UNEDUCATED WHEN IT COMES TO THE FIELD OF PHOTOGRAPHY, BUT GOD IS DEVELOPING MY SKILLS AND USING ME TO DISPLAY THE BEAUTY OF HIS CREATION. MAY THE LORD OF ALL CREATION BE PRAISED FOR HE IS BEAUTIFUL AND LOVING GOD.

Monday, February 28, 2011

In His Timing

When this semester started, I was debating which mission trip will i join. But it was not that hard to identify which one was right for me. There are some mission trips that will be happening this summer and some are going to Yap, U.S., and other places. Each trips has its own type of ministry, whether evangelizing, connecting with people, helping youths, whatever ministries these missions are presenting, they are different tasks. But one thing that really convicted me. I went with VOM to the states last summer and it was a great ministry and all members were on fire with the works that were held in the States. Even the people in the States were moved by the worship that the VOM presented to them. But when I sat down this semester, though it was a great ministry last summer and i know that it will be much much better this summer, I did not find any conviction toward it. I am a musician but i'm not a singer. Those people that have been chosen or will be chosen to the states, are gifted with singing and are called to be singers. And this trip to the states is the calling for them. Of course, there are some additional works that are going to be involved in this ministry, but most of the time, they will be singing. I am not a singer and I don't have conviction for this trip, that's why i did not choose to join the VOM TEAM. I am an evangelist. Believing that singing inside the church is singing to Christians. And that is not my motivation. My motivation is evangelizing to the people who have not heard the word Bible or the people who have heard a little bit about it but have not chose to follow it because they don't know how.
When the semester started, I was dry because it's been almost two years i have never evangelize to numerous unbeliever, even until now, i'm still dry. But at the right time, I will be soaked with tons of blessing because i will be doing what I really like to do (evangelize) and developing my gift that God has equipped in my life. Staying in campus is okay but I don't really feel like I'm being used by God for some reason. I know He is using me to bless others and encouraging them, but I believe that there are some people somewhere around the world that have not heard the word of God and need it. It's hard for me when i think this way, but in God's timing, it will come. Sometimes i just want to quit school and fly to anywhere where i know where there are unreached people and stay there and share the word of God to them. But, God has not called me, so I'm on the waiting. I will be still and wait for Him to call. I'm really anxious to go out, but I have to stay still and wait on Him. In His timing. In His timing.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Board Chapel

On this chapel, the Board Members had a chance to come and share some encouragment to us the students, staff and faculty and what they want to see in this campus. The Voices Of Micronesia had a chance to share some of the songs they've been working on these past few months in this school year. Just watch the pictures and make up your story out of the pictures.

Thursday, February 24, 2011